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About F&F Wholesale


F&F WHOLESALE is dedicated to promoting the growth of the tobacco industry by providing quality products to retailers and wholesalers across the country. Our business grew from the small Smokers Outlet retail store established by the founder’s father.

Our Start.

F&F WHOLESALE was originally established because he saw the need and desire for smokers to be able to purchase a wide range of tobacco and other smoking-related items in a friendly, customer service oriented store dedicated to meeting the needs of smokers.

F&F WHOLESALE was originally founded to support our chain of retail stores here in Pennsylvania. In 2004, Smokers Outlet Online was established to serve retail customers across the United States and Internationally. The growth and popularity of ordering our products online grew exponentially. This growth and popularity drew the attention of many retailers across the country that saw the desire for our products from their customers. In 2011, we restructured F and F Wholesale to serve the needs of these retailers.

Our Stance.

We here at F&F WHOLESALE strive to continue the traditions established by our retail stores. These traditions focus not just on selling a quality product at a great price, but focus on finding our customer’s needs and doing all that we can to serve those needs.

At F&F WHOLESALE, we make customer service our top priority. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding our company or our policies. Thank you for your interest in our company and we look forward to serving you in the future.


Intended for sale to adults 18 years or older. If you are not legally able to purchase tobacco products in the state where you live, please do not enter this site.

After submitting your application and licensees, please allow up to two business days for your account to be reviewed and activated.
*Please note you must fax (717) 718-2025 or email us a copy of your OTP license and Sales tax license after you have created an account.