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Benefits of buying from F&F Wholesale

Leverage our great prices.  Because we are one of the largest online sellers of Pipe Tobacco, Tubes, and other smoking related products we are able to purchase these products at rock bottom prices.

Enjoy a huge selection. We have over a thousand products to choose from.

Excellent Customer Service.  Talk to a real person who is friendly and knowledgeable.

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There are now 2 kinds of accounts:  The "Tobacco" account allows you to buy and resell everything on our site.  (See below for licensing requirements).  The "Non Tobacco" account allows you to buy and resell everything except tobacco products.  For this type of account follow the procedure below except we don't need your OTP license.

If you do not wish to buy tobacco all we need after you create your account is a copy of your Driver's License, Retail License and Sales tax license.  If you want to be able to buy our tobacco products we will also need a copy of your OTP license.  You may fax them to (717) 718-2025 or email them to All federal taxes are paid on products sold by F&F Wholesale and included in the cost of the product.  Any applicable state taxes are not collected by us and are on the receiver’s responsibility to pay, if applicable. PA customers will also need to fill out form PA1220 for PA Sales Tax exemption purposes.  After we review and approve these documents, your account will be activated within 2 business days.  You will then be able to log onto our site to view our catalog and pricing.

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