Swift Portable Cigarette Machine - 100mm

If you're looking for an easy-to-use machine that is still small enough to be portable then look no further than the Swift Portable 100mm Cigarette Machine. The Swift cigarette machine is conveniently sized to ensure that you get all the great features of a tabletop machine while still keeping it light and portable enough to take with you almost everywhere. It has a tamper built into the machine right under the tobacco chamber so you always have it with you. The steady grip design ensures that you can easily use this machine everywhere you go, even if you don't have a table. The slip-resistant mat ensures the machine can rest on almost any surface. The easy-to-use handle will have you making your own cigarettes in 1 Swift motion.
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The Swift Portable Cigarette Machine - 100mm will have you rolling cigarettes from this machine as easy as 3 simple steps and 1 Swift motion.  The slip-resistant mat ensures that this machine will sit snugly on almost any surface.  The convenient size and steady grip design combine to make this machine so easy to use, you may not even need a table. Under the tobacco chamber you will find a tamper built right into the machine.    1 Swift motion of the easy-to-use handle is all it takes to make a great cigarette.

  • Fill The Tobacco Chamber
  • Tamp Down the Tobacco with included tamper
  • Place Tube On Nozzle
  • Pull Handle For Perfect Cigarette
More Information
Brand Swift
Manufacturer Republic Tobacco
Size 100mm
Material Plastic - Metal Parts
Power Source Manual
Warranty N/A
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